Fenneco's Journey
Under the sizzling sun of the Sahara desert, a hidden world exists. A labyrinth of dark, sandy burrows that many animals find refuge against the excruciating heat. Amongst them is Fenneco, a small desert fox without any friends. Soon she will embark on a journey around the world, meeting all kinds of creatures.

From the Sahara desert to Antarctica, to New York, Yogyakarta, and Australia's coast till Switzerland, Fenneco tries to find her home.
An illustrated tale by Chrysa Chouliara out now by Amsel Verlag!
120 pages full of beautiful colored illustrations. ​​​​​​​
Images that take you all the way to the Sahara Desert, Yogyakarta, Antarctica, New York, Monaco, Oceania and even Zürich!
Embark now and order the book!
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